Getting Started With Nomination

How do I Change Charms on my Nomination Bracelet?
Charm Tool Example

Nomination bracelets are made from a series of interchangeable links. You start by buying a blank starter bracelet and at least one charm. As time goes by you can buy more Nomination charms and add them to your bracelet. You swap out the existing blank charms in your bracelet for your new charms so that the bracelet stays the same size.

See our handy guide on How to Add Links to a Nomination Bracelet and the Nomination Charm Tool.

As well as selling blank starter bracelets we also sell complete or partially complete bracelets that make excellent gifts.

Nomination charm bracelets are expandable, making them easy to put on and take off without assistance, unlike some bracelets with clasps.

How much do you charge for delivery on Nomination orders?

Standard delivery is free on all Nomination orders. If you spend over £100 we will upgrade you to a next day delivery service for free.

Who are Nomination bracelets for?

Nomination charm bracelets are timeless and versatile. They work perfectly for men or women, adults or children and can be as expressive or minimal as you wish. To create the perfect fit for a child, simply buy a smaller bracelet size or remove excess links.

What materials are Nomination bracelets made from?

The base of the links are made from high grade stainless steel and then lovingly crafted with 18ct yellow gold or 9ct rose gold, sterling silver, precious stones and enamel depending on the design.

Nomination bracelets offer the best of both worlds - the strength, anti tarnish and hypoallergenic properties of the stainless steel base but with the luxury and variety of all the different precious metals and stones.

One of the reasons Nomination bracelets have become so successful is that they are hardwearing enough to wear everyday, yet still have all the interest and beauty of traditional jewellery materials.

What bracelet size do I buy?

Measure the size of your wrist in cm. Choose a starter bracelet and add on 2 for the number of links you will need for a close fit or 3 for a more relaxed fit. E.g. If your wrist measures 14cm and you would like a more relaxed fit then 14 + 3 = 17 link bracelet. For someone else, 18 links is the average so use that as a starting point in your judgement.

However there are few things that you might like to consider when choosing a size: Firstly you can adjust the size yourself - see our guide on How to Add and Remove Links from a Nomination Bracelet. Each additional link on a steel base bracelet is about a cm so it's probably worth getting a base bracelet with one or two extra links in it just in case. You can easily take links out of a bracelet to make it smaller.

Being able to easily adjust the size yourself makes a Nomination bracelet a great present for a child, teenager or even as a Christening present.

Don't forget that you have to buy at least one Nomination charm when you buy a base bracelet, so that charm could be your extra link.

How can I personalise my Nomination Bracelet?

Nomination bracelets are all about choosing charms that create a unique story about you but if you would like to go even further, why don't you consider letting us engrave your own unique message onto your bracelet using our high definition engraving service?

We have created a selection of exclusive decorations that look beautiful combined with your choice of engraved message. With fifteen different designs to choose from, we have something for everyone, and every occasion. From fireworks to flowers, butterflies to balloons, whether you're celebrating a birthday, new baby or a graduation - we've got you covered. We can even engrave your treasured handwritten notes onto a charm from our selection of handwriting engraved jewellery to make a truly one-of-a-kind piece.

Engraving something as small as a Nomination charm isn't easy, but we have perfected the art and we now engrave more Nomination charms than anyone else in the UK. Take a look at our selection of Engravable Nomination Charms.

Do Nomination make anything other than charm bracelets?

Yes, they do. Explore our range of Nomination Women's Jewellery and Nomination Men's Jewellery, including stunning necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and more.

How do I care for my Nomination bracelet?

Nomination base bracelets are made from stainless steel which won't corrode or tarnish. However as the charms are embellished with precious metals and natural semi precious stones there are a few golden rules. Perfume can discolour jewellery so take any jewellery off before applying perfume. Don't swim in chlorinated pools wearing jewellery. Don't get chemicals near your jewellery, especially acidic things like vinegar.

Do Nomination products have a warranty?

Yes, all Nomination products are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for two years from the date of purchase. The manufacturer's guarantee excludes engraved items, rhodium plated and gold-plated items and accidental gemstone breakage. To take advantage of the guarantee, keep hold of both the receipt showing the date of purchase and the guarantee certificate received with your purchase.

Do Nomination products come in gift packaging?
Charm Tool Example
Charm Tool Example

Yes, all Nomination comes in gift packaging. There are various different types of packaging for different types of Nomination charms and jewellery.

Can I buy Nomination products on Finance?

Yes, no need to wait until pay day! You can buy Nomination products on finance using Klarna.