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Meet the new symbols from ChloBo

Meet the new symbols from ChloBo

Protect and empower you on your journey

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Say hello to the newest symbols that ChloBo jewellery have launched with the Island Energy collection. Inspired by the magical and mystical island of Es Vedra, Ibiza, this collection has brought new charms that carry significance and meaning, embracing the island’s culture, sentiment and spirituality. Discover the meaning behind the new symbols...

Waves - This charm has two waves of opposing energies coming together to promote a diverse inner strength. One of soft, calm waves and the other of wild, fierce tides, promoting ultimate creativity.

Botanical - Manifest inner growth with this symbol, as it encourages you to let go of things that no longer serve you, and creates space for new accomplishments.

T-bar - Use the T bar charm to reflect the balance of your inner energies and radiate a strong, poised aura to those around you.

Dreamcatcher - Allow your wondrous dreams to come true, as this protective symbol shields you from negativity.

Evil Eye - This symbol is a form of protection which shields us from negative energy, worn to bring us good luck or given as a blessing to protect those we love.

Divine Connection - Connect with your own manifestations and allow higher powers to guide them to reality with the promising praying hands symbol.

Which symbol will you choose?

Whether you want to allow inner growth beyond your comfort zone, aid your journey of self-progression or promote creative desires, the new symbols will bring you the energy of the island wherever you are.

With free delivery & free engraving available, explore the full range of charms from the Island Energy collection and enjoy an exclusive 15% OFF ChloBo jewellery when you sign up to our emails.

Love Katie & Team JG x

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