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How are Classic and GLAM different?

Exploring the Differences

Nomination charm bracelets are renowned for their customisable and personal nature, allowing wearers to create a unique piece of jewellery that tells their story. Within Nomination's composable range, there are two distinct collections: Classic and GLAM. While both collections offer charm bracelets of unparalleled quality and style, they cater to different tastes and preferences. In this post, we'll explore the differences between Nomination Classic and Nomination GLAM composable charm bracelets to help you decide which collection best suits your style.

Classic Composable Charm Bracelets

The Nomination Classic collection is known for its timeless elegance and versatile design. This collection has become a favourite among charm bracelet enthusiasts for several reasons:

Sleek and Slim Design: The Classic charms and bracelets are known for their sleek and slender profile. Measuring 1 cm in width and 0.84 cm in height, these charms fit seamlessly together to create a refined and polished look.

Renowned and Versatile: The Classic collection's understated elegance makes it suitable for any occasion, whether casual or formal. It's a versatile choice that pairs well with other jewellery and can be worn every day.

Customisable and Engravable: With a wide array of charms to choose from, you can customise a Classic bracelet to reflect your personality, interests, and memories. You can also find charms within this collection that can be engraved, adding an extra layer of personalisation to your bracelet.

Unisex Appeal: The Classic collection is designed to be unisex, making it suitable for all ages and genders. Its timeless style appeals to everyone, allowing for a shared experience of personalised storytelling.

Durable Stainless Steel: Classic charm bracelets are made from high-quality stainless steel, ensuring durability and longevity. This robust material ensures your bracelet can withstand everyday wear while maintaining its elegant appearance.

GLAM Composable Charm Bracelets

For those who prefer a bolder, more substantial aesthetic, the Nomination GLAM collection offers a striking alternative. The GLAM collection is designed to make a statement with its chunkier look and premium feel.

Chunkier Design: The GLAM charms and bracelets feature a chunkier design compared to the Classic collection. While they share the same width of 1 cm and height of 0.84 cm, the GLAM charms have a different depth, giving them a more robust and premium appearance.

Premium Feel: Crafted with the highest quality materials and attention to detail, the GLAM collection exudes luxury. The chunkier design adds a sense of weight and presence, making these bracelets ideal for those who want their jewellery to stand out.

Customisable and Engravable: Like the Classic collection, the GLAM collection also offers charms that can be engraved. This feature allows you to add a personalised touch to your bracelet, making it even more special.

Unisex Appeal: The GLAM collection, like the Classic, is designed to be unisex. Its bold and luxurious design appeals to individuals of all ages and genders, offering a versatile and inclusive option for personalised jewellery.

Durable Stainless Steel: The GLAM charm bracelets are also made from durable stainless steel, ensuring they can endure daily wear while maintaining their premium look. This durability guarantees your bracelet remains a treasured accessory for years to come.

Key Differences and Compatibility

Due to the difference in depth, GLAM charms will not fit correctly on Classic bracelets, as they won't sit flush. It's essential to choose charms and bracelets from the same collection to ensure a perfect fit and seamless appearance.

When choosing between the Classic and GLAM collections, consider your personal style and how you plan to wear your charm bracelet. Whether you prefer the sleek and sophisticated look of the Classic or the bold and luxurious appeal of the GLAM, Nomination has the perfect, and affordable charm bracelet to help you tell your unique story.

Love Katie & Team JG x

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