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Getting Started with Nomination

Getting Started with Nomination

A guide to starting your Nomination charm bracelet

Are you searching for a unique way to express your individuality? Look no further than Nomination Classic composable charm bracelets! These popular bracelets allow you to choose a collection of charms that tell your story, reflect your interests, and celebrate your most cherished memories. In this guide, we'll walk you through the exciting journey of starting your Nomination charm bracelet, from selecting the perfect base bracelet to adding your first charm.

Choosing Your Base Bracelet

The first step in creating your Nomination composable charm bracelet is selecting the perfect base bracelet. Nomination offers a range of base bracelet colours to suit your individual style, including:

Stainless Steel: A timeless choice that pairs effortlessly with any charm combination.

Rose Gold Plated: Add a touch of romance and warmth to your wrist with this elegant option.

Gold Plated: Elevate your look with a touch of luxury and sophistication.

Blue/Brown/Black/Iridescent PVD Plated: Explore vibrant and unique colour options to make a bold statement.

Before making your selection, measure your wrist to ensure a comfortable fit. Nomination bracelets come in various sizes, allowing you to find the perfect match for your wrist. In addition to blank starter bracelets, we also offer complete bracelets that make excellent gifts for any occasion.

Choosing Your First Charm

Once you've selected your base bracelet, it's time to choose your first charm. With a wide array of charms available, ranging from heart symbols and initials to hobbies and travel destinations, the possibilities are endless. Consider selecting a charm that holds special meaning to you or represents a significant milestone in your life. Whether it's a birthstone charm commemorating your birthday or a charm engraved with a heartfelt message, let your imagination guide you in selecting the perfect charm to kickstart your collection.

How to Add Charms

Nomination bracelets are made from a series of interchangeable links. As you collect more Nomination charms over time, simply swap out the existing blank charms in your bracelet for your new charms. This ensures that your bracelet stays the same size and maintains its perfect fit. Adding charms to your Nomination bracelet is a simple and effortless process, thanks to the Nomination Charm Tool. This essential accessory makes building your bracelet a breeze, allowing you to customise your collection with ease. The tool has four different sides with different thicknesses, allowing you to quickly and easily attach charms to your bracelet.

Check out our handy guide on Getting Started with Nomination and How to Add Links to a Nomination Bracelet, and discover the versatility of customising your Nomination charm bracelet. With the Nomination Charm Tool by your side, building your charm bracelet collection has never been easier. Start your Nomination charm bracelet journey today and let your story unfold one charm at a time.

Love Katie & Team JG x

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