Silver Zirconia Round Pave Halo Ring
Silver Zirconia Round Pave Halo Ring Silver Zirconia Round Pave Halo Ring
Sterling Silver 925

Diamonfire Silver Zirconia Round Pave Halo Ring R3616 16 nj7080


Rings Size Guide

Number Letter Diameter In Millimeters
48 H½ – I½ 15.01 – 15.28mm
50 J - K 15.61 – 15.92mm
52 L - L½ 16.40 – 16.55mm
54 M½ - N½ 16.99 – 17.19mm
56 O - P 17.58 – 17.83mm
58 P½ - Q½ 18.17 – 18.46mm
60 R½ - S 18.87 – 19.10mm
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Product Information

Beautifully crafted from triple plated sterling silver, this ring features a 57 faceted cubic zirconia stone surrounded by a halo of stones to enhance and magnify its beauty. With a total weight of 1.1ct, the stones in the shoulders will add extra sparkle to any outfit. This piece of jewellery comes with its own individual certificate and high quality silk packaging, making this the perfect gift for someone special.
Product SKU
  • Made from Sterling Silver 925
  • Palladium Plated, Platinum Plated, and Rhodium Plated
  • Cubic Zirconia
  • Stone shape: Round Brilliant
  • Part of the Classic collection
  • Presented in official Diamonfire packaging
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty

About Diamonfire



Discover Diamonfire jewellery, inspired by diamonds.

All jewellery features hand-cut stones with 57 facets, which replicates a natural diamond perfectly.

An innovative triple plating of platinum, palladium and rhodium is used to maintain an irresistible sparkle for many years.

Each piece of jewellery includes a certificate to verify the quality of the stones, and exclusive silk packaging.