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New! ChloBo ‘Phases Of The Goddess’ Collection

New! ChloBo ‘Phases Of The Goddess’ Collection

Just like the moon, life comes in phases…

Introducing Phases Of The Goddess Collection

Radiate luna energy with the newest ChloBo collection, Phases Of The Goddess, inspired by phases of the moon. Synchronize with the moon's rhythm and allow each phase to guide you, following its cycle to structure your path. Discover bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings adorned with the semi-precious stone sodalite, to represent the deep blue hues of a midnight sky and worn to promote clarity, alignment and intuition. This dreamy collection is perfect to add subtle drama to any look, with its celestial-inspired charms, delicate chains and textured beads.

Exploring Phases Of The Moon

The Moon completes a full orbit around Earth in 27 days, 7 hours, and 43 minutes, during which it transitions through 8 phases. The Phases Of The Goddess collection highlights the four main moon phases and how each moon brings its own effects. By understanding their benefits, you can learn how to ride the waves, rather than swimming against the tide, structuring your life.

Harness the moon's power with jewellery from this brand new collection. Handcrafted from 925 Sterling silver or 18ct gold plated silver, the pieces are designed to symbolise different phases of the moon. The first phase is the new moon, which inspires new beginnings, next is the waxing moon that manifests positive energy to help you move forward. Then comes the full moon phase which brings a time of joy to celebrate what you have learnt, and finally the waning moon is the time to reflect on your journey so far.

Empower Yourself With Sodalite

Sodalite, a semi-precious stone, embodies the rich, deep blue tones reminiscent of a midnight sky cradling the moon. This stone serves as a guide to help you find and articulate your authentic self, encouraging a sense of alignment that connects you to your inner wisdom. It empowers you to remain grounded in the present moment, gain clarity regarding your intentions, and commit wholeheartedly to the things that hold significance in your life.

All ChloBo jewellery is AnchorCert Protected, which means each piece is allergen free and safe for your skin, even if you already have allergies.

With free delivery & free engraving available, explore the dreamy Phases Of The Goddess collection and enjoy an exclusive 15% OFF ChloBo jewellery when you sign up to our emails!

Love Katie & Team JG x

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