About Idun Watches

Will an Idun watch fit my Pandora or other charm bracelets?

Yes, it will fit all standard Pandora bracelets and bangles. However, it won’t fit their flat, ‘Reflexions’ bracelets and will be too big for their lighter weight ‘Essence’ bracelets.

It will also fit Trollbeads, Thomas Sabo Karma Bracelets, Chamilia, Bling, Evolve and any other charm bracelet or chain that is 4mm wide or less.

What is the quality of an Idun watch like?

Idun watches are very high quality. Idun use premium Sapphire Crystal for very scratch resistant glass and a Japanese Seiko Movement for reliable timekeeping. They feature 5ATM Water Resistance to keep your watch safe in moist environments, and use the finest grade of Cubic Zirconia to create a product that will keep its looks for years to come. All Idun products go through meticulous tests before reaching your wrist.

Do Idun watches come with a warranty?

Yes, all Idun watches come with a 3 year warranty as standard. The warranty covers any malfunction arising from defective parts or manufacturing defects occurring within 3 years from the date of purchase. It does not cover normal wear and tear, damages caused by accidents, mishandling or improper / abusive use (knocks, dents, crushing etc.). Any service or repair must be carried out by an authorised Idun Denmark service centre. To benefit from the warranty, please keep the international warranty card and proof of purchase.

Who are Idun?

Idun are a Danish jewellery company, (as is Pandora), who specialise in the design and manufacture of high quality charm watches and bracelets.

‘Idun’ in Nordic mythology was the goddess of youth and rejuvenation. She was the keeper of the apples of immortality. In the same spirit, Idun wish to bring a playful youthfulness to the wearers of their watches. It is for this reason that the watches have an apple motif on their back.

Can I buy Idun watches from anyone else?

Idun have selected us to be the sole UK distributor at present, due to our extensive heritage of selling Pandora and Thomas Sabo charms and bracelets.

How often do you recommend I have my Idun watch serviced?

We recommend having your watch serviced every 3 years, as regular servicing is key for the longevity of your watch.

Is my Idun watch waterproof? The product spec says 5ATM?

5ATM means water resistant rather than waterproof - it is what could be called “resistant to splashes” and moisture in general. Also bear in mind that water resistance is not permanent - time and wear will diminish the water resistant characteristics of the internal seals. When the watch is serviced, the seals are inspected and changed if necessary. The crown must be correctly positioned (pushed in) to prevent water from entering the watch case.

Whilst it is possible for you to swim with your watch on (no diving), we do not recommend this because the seals and gaskets will deteriorate when in contact with salt and chlorine.

Showering is possible, but we recommend that you do not shower with your Idun watch in water that is too hot. This also goes for hot tubs, saunas etc. as steam can enter the case, causing the moving parts to rust.

How durable is sapphire glass?

All Idun watches feature first grade sapphire crystal glass. Sapphire is very durable and offers a scratch resistant surface, however, this does not make it entirely scratchproof or shatterproof. We therefore recommend removing your Idun watch before doing sports, physical work, gardening etc.

How often do I need to clean my Idun watch?

You should wipe the case and bracelet regularly with a soft damp cloth to keep your Idun watch looking beautiful. This will remove dust, moisture, perfumes and grit which can cause wear. Avoid contact with detergents, solvents, cosmetic products, perfumes, corrosive agents, adhesives and paints.

How often should I replace my watch battery?

Battery performance and life differs depending on a lot of factors. This could be the temperature, humidity levels etc. On average, a battery will last for 2 years. You should replace the battery when it stops working. Your watch will gradually lose time when the battery is about to expire.